A Call to reach the unreached in 10/40 window


What is there in a seed? What is so special in a drop of water? What is there in a spark of fire? It’s nothing but it’s everything. There is a tiny seed behind every huge tree, drops of water makes a mighty ocean and a small spark causes the destructive wildfire. When we think about missions it’s the same. When you compare the number of unreached people groups with the number of missionaries or mission force in the field, it’s absolutely nothing but it’s everything. God always works in amazing ways and through unexpected people. God’s mission is all about willingness and obedience and very little to do with skills and talent. His kingdom counts strength on knees and authority from sacrifice and tolerance. The more you listen to Him, the more you will be fruitful.

According to 2017 statistics world population is 7.53 billion people. Out of 7.53 billion, more than 4 billion people are still unreached. And these people are residing in 10/40 window nations. The 10/40 window is the rectangular area in the world map between 10 and 40 degrees north latitude. This landmass includes countries from Asia, Africa and Middle East. Approximately 5.09 billion people are residing in this area in 8,676 distinct people groups. Out of that 5,943 (68.5%) of these people groups are considered as unreached and have a population of 3.10 billion. This means approximately 61% of the individuals in the 10/40 window live in an unreached people group.

God has given us a great commission to reach the unreached. Never underestimate what we can do because we are not doing anything, it is God working through us.